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Mobile & Modular FireTrainer®

KFT's Mobile FireTrainer® provides an economical alternative to fixed fire training facilities, and can be shared among numerous fire departments in a region. These mobile fire training burn trailers are fully self-contained with on-board propane storage and electrical power generation. KFT offers a number of mobile versions ranging from 20-ft (6 m) to 53-ft (16 m) in length.

Modular versions are also available that do not require a formal foundation. Multiple units can be joined or stacked to create a custom burn facility.

KFT also offers a number of other Mobile training systems to meet unique training needs. These include the Mobile HazMat Tanker and Mobile SCBA Trainer.

Mobile Structural FireTrainer® MT-1000

Advanced mobile live fire training system, 2-3 interior fires, 2nd story room.

Mobile Structural FireTrainer® ML-1000

Custom-built fire training trailer, 2-3 interior fires, 2nd story room, Stainless steel interior thermal lining

HazMat Tanker FireTrainer® O-100

A40-ft roadway tanker, Fuel spill, split flange, and relief valve fires, HazMat leaks

Mobile SCBA Trainer

Custom-built SCBA trailer, 48' and 40' versions available, Maritime configurations available

Mobile Structural FireTrainer® ML-2000 (Europe)

(Formerly T-3000)
Custom-built fire training trailer, Multiple interior fires, Wide range of sizes and options available MORE

Modular Structural FireTrainer® T-4000

No foundation or construction required
Expandable units can be joined or stacked
Fire units and non-fire search and rescue units available

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Supporting Grant Info

KFT has supported numerous Mobile FireTrainer® grant awards.