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SmokeMaster® SM3K

Portable Smoke Machine Fog Generator

At the touch of a button, the SmokeMaster® portable simulated smoke machine fog generator produces 5,000 cubic feet per minute of safe, non-toxic, non-residue forming smoke in thirty seconds from a cold start. Smokemaster allows search and rescue training using simulated smoke. It is built to withstand the test of time - it requires no maintenance, unlike conventional smoke generators.

Packaged in a rugged attaché case that can be easily carried with a shoulder strap, SmokeMaster® lets you bring a geyser of smoke anywhere you need it.

SmokeMaster® does not require a canister of CO2 or Nitrogen propellant... saving you hassle and expense.

The smoke for SmokeMaster® is water based, and is safe and residue-free. There is no cleanup after completing your training scenarios. The environmentally safe, clean and non-toxic smoke produced by SmokeMaster® provides realistic search & rescue, SCBA, HAZMAT or leak testing without any of the risks associated with real smoke.

SmokeMaster® has been used extensively by the United States Navy for over 12 years, due to its unmatched smoke generation capability and reliability!