Realistic Fire | Emergency | HazMat Training Solutions
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Firefighters face many hazards.
A training simulator should not be one of them.

KFT's unique combination of computer-controls and multiple safety systems provides an unmatched level of safety.

Certified Safety
A Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) has confirmed compliance to NFPA 86 and UL 508 standards, as recommended by NFPA 1402 Guide to Building Fire Service Training Centers. Caution: A "3rd-party" testing lab is not the same as a NRTL!
Fully Compliant with NFPA
1402 - Guide to Building Fire Service Training Centers
1403 - Standard on Live Fire Training Evolutions
PLC computer controls
Continually monitor all safety systems, allowing the operator to focus on student performance. In the event of an unsafe condition, the computer system will automatically extinguish all fires and ventilate the training compartment.
Dual-chanel air monitoring
Ensures unburned gas does not reach dangerous levels inside the burn room.
Drawn-sample gas detection (on select models)
Has improved ability to sense unburned gas, even in high humidity and dirty enviornments.
Inextinguishable, monitored pilot flames
Ensure that main burners will fully ignite on command.
Monitored, combustion air blowers
Provide air to each fire mock-up to ensure adequate combustion.
Temperature monitoring
Allows realistic firefighting temperatures, yet guards against excessive heat conditions.
Emergency stop buttons
Immediately extinguish all fires and shut off gas supply to the trainer.
Integral ventilation fans
Remove heat and smoke from burn room within seconds.
Key switch and passwords
Prohibit unauthorized use of the trainer.