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Go Wireless!

Wireless Controls

Wireless control sample picture

Wireless controls are available for FireTrainer® systems. New, wireless controls enable instructors to operate FireTrainer® systems with complete mobility, unrestricted by a control cable.

  • Inherent Safety: Fail-safe FireTrainer® fires will automatically extinguish if wireless signal is lost
  • Large ergonomic ‘pistol grip’ with trigger dead-man switch
  • Intuitive controls via durable, waterproof switches
  • Magnetic mount allows easy attachment to metal burn room doors for storage
  • Optional on new FireTrainer® systems.
  • Can also be retrofitted to existing FireTrainer® systems.

Touchscreen Controls

Touchscreen control sample picture

Touchscreen controls are available for many FireTrainer® systems and existing systems can be upgraded accordingly. The systems allow instructors to program and operate complex fire scenarios on site. Also nearly all fire place settings can be adjusted via touchscreen.

KFT's touchscreen controls can be used with typical safety gloves.

Of course a fail-safe-system is integrated, automatically extinguishing fires if wireless signal is lost