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Cabin Crew FireTrainer®

KFT offers several models of cabin crew fire extinguisher and aircraft evaluation training systems. Fueled by propane, the training systems replicate small fire emergencies aboard the aircraft. The systems enable flight crews to meet FAA and European Joint Airworthiness Requirements.

It is imperative that the fire training exercises reflect actual emergency situations as realistically as possible. KFT cabin crew trainers enable you to change scenarios to suit your training needs. They are capable of accurately creating all the drama and realism of a fire and disaster scenario, while maintaining total safety and complete operator control.

Available in a variety of designs, most units contain up to 5 fire scenarios standard while enabling you to upgrade the unit to 10 training scenarios - depending on the size of the container.

Optional media detection allows trainees to use water as an extinguisher agent during training instead of foam, gas or detergent. The units can be used in aviation, airline, commercial, industrial, military and petrochemical environments.


Aeroflot, Moscow
Moscow, Russia
Thompson Airways
Derbys, UK