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KFT Smoke Generators

Visible obscuration is a key element in the creation of a realistic life fire training experience. As you might be aware, KFT's live fires don't create much smoke on their own as they are fueled by clean-burning gases, so a separate smoke generation system is of the essence here. KFT's smoke generation systems create smoke obscuration of less than 3 ft (~1 m) visibility within 15 minutes at start up and maintain the visibility during the fire training exercises. Of course the smoke is non-toxic, safe for use with open flames, and safe at the operating temperatures within the burn room.

The smoke fluid used in KFT's smoke generators consists of a Glycol/Water material that is environmental friendly, safe and non-flammable in the fire training environment.

KFT offers two types of smoke generators with different accessories.

KFT-C4 TURBO Portable Smoke System

The Fire Professional's Choice:
compact & robust,
off power capability,
water based, non toxic smoke,
highly persistent smoke


KFT SmokeMaster Portable Smoke Generator

KFT’s classic smoke generator SmokeMaster can be used as a portable smoke generator only or when integrated into a KFT FireTrainer® system.