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With the continued and growing emphasis on "going green," the use of hydrogen fuel cells by automobile manufacturers is on the rise. This presents first responders with new challenges, as hydrogen burns very differently than gasoline with its flame nearly invisible.

KFT Fire Trainer has developed a new line of portable hydrogen fire simulators to enable first responders to develop and hone the the specialized skills needed to meet the demands that will be placed on them as a result of new Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV) technology.

Developed for the U.S. Department of Energy, the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV) FireTrainer® is extremely versatile, providing training in areas such as:

  • Safe approach to a FCV accident
  • Use of hydrogen gas and flame detectors
  • Extrication techniques
  • Extinguishment of a compartment fire
  • Hydrogen venting

Additionally, KFT developed a Hydrogen Demonstration Unit that shows the characteristics of hydrogen fires as compared to a traditional (propane) fire.

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