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Maritime FireTrainer®

KFT's Maritime FireTrainer® systems challenge naval fire fighters in the unique rigors of shipboard fire fighting and emergencies.

Trainers can be configured to resemble actual military and merchant ships and submarines, with features that include narrow passageways, ladders, and watertight hatches.

A broad selection of fire simulators, combined with vessel realism, allow for fire suppression, damage control and search & rescue training.

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Safety Record

Learn why KFT's safety systems have made the difference in over 4,000,000 fire evolutions.


C.R.E.R.F - Fire and Rescue Department of Bas-Rhin (SDIS 67)
Strasbourg, France
Fire Academy of Montelibretti
Montelibretti, Italy
U.S. Navy Battle Stations 21 Complex Recruit Training Command Center
Great Lakes, Illinois, USA
CETIS - Training Center of the Marine-Fire-Bataillon Marseille
Marseille, France
Royal Saudi Naval Forces
Jubail, Saudi Arabia
Spanish Navy Fire Training Facility
El Ferrol, Spain