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Structural FireTrainer®

KFT’s Structural FireTrainer® replicates the intense fire, heat and smoke of interior structural fires. Class A, B and C fires can be simulated. All fires can emit a dense simulated smoke, perfect for breathing apparatus training or search & rescue drills with thermal imaging cameras. The difficulty level can be altered to challenge both new and seasoned fire fighters. Consistency of scenarios ensures that all students receive equal training. Set-up and clean-up times on these gas-fired simulators are a fraction of the time for a class-A burn rooms, resulting in significantly more training time. Systems can be installed in new fire training towers or retrofitted to existing class-A burn buildings.

Structural FireTrainer T-1000/2000 - Example Picture

Structural FireTrainer® T-1000 & T-2000

The World's Most Advanced Fire Training Simulator!
Multiple fires with spread and extension capability.
Fires are programmable and automatically controlled.
Fires detect extinguishing agent and respond realistically.

Structural FireTrainer T-500 - Example Picture

Structural FireTrainer® T-500

Essential, Realistic Fire Training Simulation
Operator-controlled, individual fires.

Design Assistance

Design Assistance

Leverage KFT's experience in planning your burn building, training tower, or whole fire training facility.