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Mobile Aircraft FireTrainer® MA-500

KFT's Mobile Aircraft FireTrainer® MA-500 offers reliable, convenient and economical mobile aircraft training. The FireTrainer® MA-500 is a road mobile aircraft fire simulator designed to expose trainees to the situations encountered in aircraft rescue fire fighting (ARFF). The FireTrainer® MA-500 utilizes environmentally friendly propane as its fuel source, and is equipped with onboard control and safety systems.

The Mobile Aircraft FireTrainer® MA-500 is fully configurable to meet any number of training curricula, including internal and external fire scenarios, forced entry panels, internal seat/cargo configurations, typical and emergency entryways, and wing and tail engines and configurations.

FireTrainer® MA's are currently in use around the world and provide user-friendly training to hundreds of aircraft rescue fire fighters.

Reference Sites

MA-500 "Vigili Fuoco" Ministry of Interior
Department for Fire Fighting & Civil Defence, Rome/Montelibretti, Italy
MA-500 "NAVAIR" U.S. Navy
Richmond, VA, USA
U.S. Air Force- Avon Park
Beaver, WV, USA