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Mobile HazMat Trainer

KFT's Mobile HazMat Trainer replicates various hazardous material emergencies. The Mobile HazMat Trainer allows the operator to safely control the training scenarios, while simultaneously eliminating environmental concerns.

The Mobile HazMat Trainer is extremely versatile with the ability to replicate scenarios such as:

Mobile HazMat Trainer features include:

  • 48-ft long custom training trailer
  • Roof-Mounted Railcar Training Dome
  • Leaking Refrigerant Pipes
  • Leaking Gas Meters
  • Electrical Panel Fire Simulator
  • 24 sq. ft. Fuel Spill Simulator
  • Propane Tank Fire w/ Simulated Leaks
  • (3) Chlorine Training Scenarios
  • (4) Valve Leak Training Scenarios
  • Diesel Fuel Tank Leak Simulator
  • (2) Portable Smoke Generators
  • Three (3) interior rooms including a control room with 36" x 80" personnel door and pullout stairs
  • One-piece aluminum roof
  • Roof access ladder
  • Heavy-duty rear ramp with 12 VDC winch
  • 160 gal. on-board propane storage
  • 10 kW “Quiet Diesel” Generator
  • Generator and air compressor compartment
  • Shore power and external GFCI duplex outlets
  • Four (4) flush mount 500W scene lights
  • Custom exterior gel-coat (choice of color)
  • "L"-shaped confined space tube for victim rescues
  • On-site start-up and operation/maintenance training
  • Operation & maintenance manual
  • 1-year parts warranty
  • 24/7 technical phone support


  • Additional/substitute HazMat training props
  • WMD training props
  • Chlorine emergency A, B, C kits
  • Patch/plug kits
  • Decon shelter
  • Explosion Noise Generator
  • Sked-Evac tripod
  • Vinyl graphics package
  • Chrome wheels
  • Aluminum storage shelving