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Modular Structural FireTrainer® T-4000 (Europe: MD-2000)

With all of the features of a fixed training facility and the ease of installation of a mobile trainer, the Modular FireTrainer® T-4000 is an ideal solution for many fire departments. The trainer is suitable for semi-permanent installations or to overcome regulatory or zoning issues. The Modular FireTrainer® ranges from stand-alone single containers, to multi-level complexes. Non-fire, search and rescue units are also available.

The Modular Structural FireTrainer® T-4000 is a convenient means of training students in the basic NFPA 1001 fire fighting skills. This "turnkey" training system permits live-fire training in a safe, controlled and environmentally sound manner.

The T-4000 unit features two adjacent interior fires plus a Flashover-Rollover Effect. All interior walls are re-positionable and a powerful 10,000 cfm smoke generator completely obscures vision, allowing for a realistic search and rescue environment.

A unique combination of multiple, computer controlled safety systems, provides an unmatched level of safety. The T-4000 system has proven safe in over 3,000,000 fire evolutions. A nationally recognized Test Laboratory (NTRL) has confirmed compliance to NFPA 86 and UL508 standards and the unit is fully compliant with NFPA 1402 and 1403 guidelines. The T-4000 is environmentally sound and is fueled by clean burning natural gas or propane. Its benign smoke generation will not disturb the community.

T-4000 single or multi-unit complexes can be fitted with various naval props to accommodate maritime fire training needs.

Other features include:

  • Pitched roof
  • Chop out panel
  • Ventilation fan
  • Doors w/ optional forcible entry jambs
  • Shuttered window
  • Observation window
  • Equipment room
  • Interchangeable fire mock-ups

Reference Sites

Oxy Safah Fire Training Ground (Occidental of Oman)
Safah Plant, Sultanate of Oman
Fire Brigade of the County of Heidekreis
Heidekreis, Germany
FTC Stockheim
County of Düren, Germany
Fire Brigade of Paris St. Denis
Paris, France