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Hose Line FireTrainer® O-100

KFT's portable Hose Line FireTrainer® O-100 can be used as a standalone burn pan to replicate fuel spill or ground fires in addition to several other types of fire scenarios.

The O-100 is constructed of stainless steel, making it robust and easy to maintain, and it burns environmentally acceptable LPG propane. Safety is paramount, with the operator/instructor controlling a "deadman" button on the control pendant that, when released, instantly stops the fire.

The Hose Line FireTrainer® O-100 comes standard with a 24-square-foot burn area. With a high fire output of 65,000,000 btu/hr, intense live fire training can be achieved at the push of a button. In addition, an O-100 PLUS version is available, which features a 112-square-foot burn area that meets NFPA 1001 training requirements.

When combined with the portable Car Fire Prop or other outdoor-industrial props, numerous fire scenarios can be replicated.