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Structural FireTrainer®
T-1000 & T-2000

The Structural FireTrainer® T-1000 and T-2000 are the world's most advanced fire training simulators and burn props. They feature multiple fires in each burn room, with the capability of automatically spreading and extending to other areas. The automatic control system allows the instructor to focus on the students rather than the controls!

KFT's unique agent detection sensors enable the fires to realistically respond to the proper application of water and foam extinguishing agents

The T-1000 fire simulator features:

  • Programmable fire size and extinguishment difficulty levels to challenge both new and seasoned fire fighters
  • Automatic fire re-ignition capability
  • LCD touch screen to create and store training scenarios
  • Intuitive, advanced diagnostics
  • Certification to NFPA and UL safety standards by a Nationally Recognized Test Laboratory (NRTL), as recommended by NFPA 1402.

The T-2000 fire simulator also includes:

  • Central PC control room with customized burn building floorplan
  • Room-to-room programmable fire extension
  • Expanded fire control parameters
  • Agent application detection
  • Student performance data logging with printable reports

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Learn why KFT's safety systems have made the difference in over 4,000,000 fire evolutions.

Flashover - Rollover

A dramatic and intense fire training tool. Optional on all FireTrainer® systems.

Go Wireless

Wireless controls are now available for FireTrainer® systems.

Hot Stuff... Thermal Image of T-2000

Actual thermal image of KFT's Structural FireTrainer®:

RED = greater than 900°F (480°C)
ORANGE = greater than 700°F (370°C)

Reference Sites

Fire Training Centre “La Rama”
Montheron, Lausanne, Switzerland
Fire and Rescue Department of Rhône (SDIS 69)
Saint Priest, Lyon, France
Defense & Rescue Services Zurich - Training Center Rohwiesen
Zurich, Switzerland
National Fire Agency Training Academy
Taichung, Taiwan
ifa Balsthal - Tunnel
Balsthal, Switzerland
North Metro Fire Rescue District Fire Training Center
Northglenn, Colorado, USA
E.N.S.O.S.P (National Academy for Fire Service Officers)
Vitrolles, France

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